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If you need to share UTBox folders containing sensitive data it is recommended to change some of the default settings on the folders you want to share. Changing some of the default settings will give you more control over who can access your folder.  The recommended changes to the default UTBox folder settings are below along with an explanation of what the changes do.

Step 1 - Open up the Folder Settings Screen

Log into UTBox and navigate to the folder you want to change the settings on. Click on the folder to open it. Once the folder is open click on the "..." menu item just above the folders and files listing. In the menu that appears, click on Properties | Folder Settings.


Step 2 - Set the Recommended Folder Settings

Depending on your requirements for how you want to share the folder you may not be able to configure all of the recommended settings. The recommended changes from the default folder configuration are as follows:

Invitation Restrictions | Only Owners and Co-owners can send collaborator invites - ENABLED

By default this setting is disabled. This allows people who are sharing your folder with the "Editor" permission to invite additional people to share your folder without having to go through you. They could even invite people not affiliated with the University which could possibly pose a risk to your sensitive data. If you enable this setting then only people with the Owner and Co-owner permission can invite additional people to share your folder. If you later decide you want to delegate the task of managing who can access your folder then you can change one of your existing folder Editors to have the "Co-owner" permission. This will allow just that one additional person to now be able to invite people to share your folder.

Shared Links | Restrict shared links in this folder to Collaborators Only for Files and Folders - ENABLED

By default this setting is disabled. This allows for someone with the permission to create web links to files and folders to do so without setting a password. This would allow anyone to click on the link to get access to your files and folders. If this web link is emailed via unencrypted email this could possibly be a violation of Confidential data security policies. You should enable this setting and set it to "Files and Folders". People will still be able to create web links to files and folders but they will not have the option to create a passwordless link. They will only be able to create links that are accessible to the other Box users you are sharing the folder with.

Invitation Link | Enable collaborator invitation links - DISABLED

By default this setting is enabled and set to a role of Editor. This allows for the existence of a web link that anyone could click on and have access to your folder. It is more secure to grant access to your folder to specific UT EID accounts and email addresses. When you disable this setting the only way people can access your folder is through being specifically invited by you or your delegate.

Recommended UTBox settings highlighted:


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