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The basic process is to download the modules onto a computer which has an internet connection and has Stata installed. Then you copy the modules directory from this computer to the offline computer and configure the offline computer's Stata to use this copied directory for its modules.

Option 1 - Replace Existing Stata Modules Folder on Offline Computer

  1. Locate a computer which has a compatible version of Stata installed which you can use to download the modules to and then copy over to the offline computer. The College of Natural Sciences maintains a statistics server which has Stata installed and is available to all current faculty, staff, and students at UT Austin. Click here for more information on this server and instructions on how to connect to it. For Stata modules it is usually the case you can use a prior version of Stata to download modules and transfer them to an offline computer which has a newer version of Stata installed.
  2. Start up the Stata application on the internet connected computer.
  3. Create a folder on the desktop of the computer and note the directory path to it. In the example screenshot we have created the folder "stata_modules" and it has a directory path of "C:\Users\yourEID\Desktop\stata_modules"

    Alternatively you can keep using the existing Stata "PLUS" folder which has modules already installed for the Stata instance on this computer. The advantage to this is that you can do some test analysis on this internet connected computer to confirm it does what you need and then copy this PLUS folder with the existing modules and any new ones you needed to add. If you want to go this route, then skip steps 3-4 and just note the directory path to the existing folder by running the Stata command "sysdir" and adjust the following steps accordingly.

  4. In Stata, change the "PLUS" folder to the new folder you just created by running the following Stata command line command: sysdir set PLUS "C:\Users\yourEID\Desktop\stata_modules\plus"
    • Replace "C:\Users\yourEID\Desktop\stata_modules" with the directory path for your folder. Don't forget to add the extra "plus" sub-directory at the end of the path

  5. Confirm the PLUS folder was really changed to the new folder by running the Stata command: sysdir

  6. Start installing all the Stata modules that you need like you normally would.
    • Stata command to install a module: ssc install moduleName
    • Stata command to search for a module: search moduleName
    • Stata command to list currently installed modules: ado

  7. Once you are done installing all the modules you need, copy the Stata PLUS folder you installed the new modules into and transfer this folder to the offline computer. You will probably need to use a USB drive to transfer the folder. If you are using the College of Natural Sciences statistics server, you can connect to UT Box from the server and transfer the folder there first and then copy it to a USB drive using another computer.
  8. On the offline computer you now need to configure Stata to use the module directory you copied to the computer from the internet connected computer. Run the stata command "sysdir set PLUS "C:\path\to\new_module\folder\plus"
    • Replace "C:\path\to\new_module\folder\plus" with the directory path to the folder you copied to the offline computer. Don't forget to add the "plus" sub-directory at the end of the path.
    • For this example, the modules directory was copied to the Desktop of the offline computer and so the command to execute is: sysdir set PLUS "C:\Users\myUserAccount\Desktop\stata_modules\plus"
    • You can run the following Stata command to confirm you successfully changed the path to the new modules directory: sysdir 

  9. Done. You may now use Stata on the offline computer with the modules you copied to it. If you close Stata and restart it, you may need to change the PLUS folder path setting again to use the folder you copied to the computer.

Option 2 - Add Additional Modules to Stata ADO Personal Folder on Offline Computer

Instead of replacing the PLUS directory as instructed in Option 1, you could just install any additional needed modules by putting them into the ADO "Personal" folder on the offline computer. Stata will first check the "PLUS" directory for a module and if it is not found there, it will then check the "Personal" directory.

  1. Follow the steps in Option 1 to download the modules you need to a new folder that you create on the internet connected computer.
  2. Copy the module contents of this new folder to the offline computer and place them into the Stata "Personal" directory. You can determine the location of the Stata "PERSONAL" directory by running the Stata command: sysdir
  3. Done. You may now use Stata on the offline computer with the modules you copied to it.