Adobe Project

Make a New Bin

Title the bin "Export to Resolve"

Duplicate the Final Pic lock sequence

Rename it so it is obviously your final timeline Ex: Export to Resolve - Final 04_10_18  Dates are helpful here!!

Move the timeline into the newly created Export Bin you just made

If you were using Proxies

Reconnect to the 4K media, uncheck the "Enable proxies" under the "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Media..." menu check box

Click OK

To check that the files are being referenced properly to the 4K media you can "right click" on the file in the Project Window and choose "Reveal in Finder"

Will now show you that the files are linked to the XDROOT folder using the 4K native data that you backed up off the Sony F5 SXS card

Now you can color correct and export at 4K resolution

Right click the timeline and duplicate it again!! Yes do this because we are going to delete the audio tracks next.
Title this one the same but put "No Audio"

Load the copied timeline by double clicking it. It'll load into the Sequence Window

Lock all your video tracks

Select all the audio in the timeline

"click on command a"

all audio tracks will be selected and delete them

Select all your audio tracks in the timeline. Click on the "Delete" key this will remove all of the audio clips from the timeline

Then go to >Sequence > and choose Delete Tracks

Choose Audio Tracks > Check Delete Audio Tracks >All Empty Tracks >OK

Next get the video tracks down to two video tracks

Move all the video clips down from V3, V4 and etc. to V1 and V2

Then go to >Sequence > and choose Delete Tracks

Choose Video Tracks > Check Delete Video Tracks >All Empty Tracks >OK


motion effects 

Flips and flops and splitscreens 

THESE EFFECTS will not transition over to resolve.

Best to bake them into the timeline as high quality clips before you export.

Next select the sequence and choose

>File>Export>Final Cut Pro XML. . .

Choose a location to save the file

click on "Save"

Click OK here don't worry about this.

Choose Format QuickTime

Choose to Export Video and Export Audio

Preset Settings won't work we will have to make a custom setting.

But in the meantime choose GoPro whatever so we can modify it

Click on the Video tab and choose the Video Codec as a DNxHR/DNxHD

Click on "Video Tab" Video Codec should be set to Avid DNxHR/DNxHD

Resolution 1080p DNxHD LB 8-bit

If you don't have this choice from the drop down then you need to download the codecs from here and install them. Close Adobe Premiere before you install. Then Re-Open Premiere

Windows DNxHD Codec

Mac DNxHD Codec

Click on Codec Settings

Choose 1080p/DNxHD LB 8-bit

Go to Video>Basic Video Settings

Change to 1920 x 1080


Field Order - Progressive

Aspect - Square Pixels

Click on Output Name - and choose where you want to save the file.

Navigate to your hard drive and title the file

Click Save

Check to make sure that the Source Range is set to

Entire Sequence

Last step is to Click Export to begin exporting the file.

These are the two files you will need!!

1 .mov

1 .xml

Quit Adobe Premiere - Save Your Project

See this wiki for importing XML into Resolve

Davinci Resolve - Final Conform and Color Correction Project Setup - Import .aaf or .xml and Quicktime