The cord for the box is a USB that simply plugs into the right side of the bed (if you are facing the rocketship). I highly suggest checking that it is plugged in both to the USB and that the button box itself is fully plugged into the cord (it detaches). 


The easiest way to confirm that everything is plugged in properly is to open a Word or wordpad document and press each button a few times. It should be outputting '1's and '2's. If it is not, then something is wrong. 
Also, make sure that you are giving the buttons to the child so that the cord is going away from the child's head. 'Yes'/1 should be blue and 'No'/2 should be yellow.
Finally, if you want to do training with the child while sitting at the computer, you can unplug the button box and plug in the USB to the computer tower (under the table). However, please always return the button box to the USB outlet to the right of the bed.
Reviewed 10/2/17 - Cox
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