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Setup the System Preferences on the Computer -


After reboot make sure the white Thunderbolt cable is plugged into the IMac
Go to Apple > System Preferences
Go to the Blackmagic Desktop Video preference and double click it
Click on this icon to access the settings for HD Playback

Make sure the Output Format is set to 108059.94



Click Save

This is how the settings should be set.


108059.94 for everything

You can close the Desktop Video Utility

Log into EditShare

Producing Class Student or TA must do this step.

Go to >Mac HD Applications>

Choose Loginto Editshare-2014

Double Click the icon

The EditShare Connect Icon will appear

If the IP Address is not loaded run the

Loginto EditShare-2014 again

Second time should load the IP address

When the app is run again the IP will show up in the server address shown here.



Put in your EID as the User Name and 335 as the Password

Click "Log In" button to log in

Mount Both Shares here

Pull down the drop down to afp to mount the share on both 335 and 330

Go to >Applications>Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Open a new project
Once ‘Premiere’ opens, there are several steps you have to take before you can capture media or start editing.
Please note: These steps should be done BEFORE capturing any media. Skipping these steps may cause you to lose your work! 

Set your ‘Scratch Disks’. 

Click ‘Scratch Disks’ in the New Project window that comes up next.

Under the ‘Scratch Disks’ tab, you need to:

Name your project.

Location should be set to YOUR PERSONAL HARD DRIVE or the EditShare TV-Prod 335 or TV-Report 330

Same as Project is a good option for all the other options on this page.



Once this is done, click ok.

Create a new timeline/sequence by clicking on the new item icon

Choose "Sequence..."

Choose "Canon XF MPEG2 > 1080i > Canon XF MPEG2 108030..."

Name your timeline/sequence



Click OK

Your project window should look like this
Next step is to go to the Finder in the "Dock"
Go to the EditShare Mounted Volumes (es-16tb. . .) > Go to the TV-PROD-335 Mount> Go to the PSA's 2016-2017

Drag PSA's folder into project

Go into the Final Show Elements>Find todays Show>Called Show#? 

Drag that folder over to the Open Project

This will take a while to load into the project.

Go to the EditShare Mounted Volumes (es-16tb. . .) > Go to the TV-PROD-335 Mount> Go to the Final Show Elements Folder

Go into the Final Show Elements>Find todays Show>Called Show#? 

Drag that folder over to the Open Project

This will take over 15 seconds to load into the project.

It may seem like nothing is happening but wait!!


If you proceed to edit without following the next step, your audio may not work correctly!



Select all of your imported footage

From the clip menu choose "Modify > Audio Channels..."


Press Shift + G

Select "Mono" from the "Clip Channel Format" drop down
Set the "Number of Audio Clips:" to 2

Route your audio


Click OK

Drag you clips into the timeline 
If you get this warning, choose "Keep existing settings"

Still no video and sound at the switcher and mixer?

Keep reading...

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Playback..."

Choose Blackmagic Playback


Click OK

Choose "Premiere Pro CC > Preferences > Audio Hardware..."
Make sure you Preferences look like this
If you get this error click Yes
Click OK 
Go to >File>Save or Save As... 

Call it Playback A or Playback B depending on what IMac you are using
Save on the tempstorage drive
Mark each clip in the show folder with a color that will be played on DVR1 or DVR2 
 Green for DVR 1 
 Red for DVR 2 
 HIGHLIGHT your News Rundown as "DVR1" or "DVR2" 
 (Don't forget the PSA {breaks} assigned to your machine. These go in order: PSA Reel A, B, C, then D.) 
 To highlight a clip right click on it and choose >Label>Rose or Forest
Drag & Drop ONLY your Green for Playback A or Red for Playback B HIGHLIGHTED choices 
 (in the order listed on your rundown) into the TIMELINE leaving spaces between each clip.



When Cueing up each clip, be sure the play head is at the VERY FIRST frame of video.

You can tell by looking at the right angle bracket in the lower left hand corner of the Sequence viewer window.

If you can't see the right angle bracket in the lower right hand corner of the viewer window when you know you sitting on the first frame. Then right click in the viewer and choose "Overlays"

VERBALLY call out to the director when you are "rolling".
When playing back the PSA reels VERBALLY call out the time remaining on each 2 minute segment.
The producer & director need to hear you say, " 1:30 left, ... 1 minute left, … 30 seconds, … 15 seconds, … 5, … 4, … 3 , ... etc."