This is how to setup the Front of the House Mixer 

Example shown here is how to hook up the Lecturn to channel one 

There is a break out box under the front of the stage that connects

to the snake at the back of the stage 

Shown here we need a power supply for the lecturn mic

plug into chanel 1 of the snake shown here

Go to the platform at the front of the house that has the mixer

Set up L/R so it's about at 5

Do Not press any of the MIX busses we don't use these like we do in this wiki

to mix the monitors on the stage.

Make sure A fader is selected to adjust  CHANNELS 1-29
B fader selected to adjust 30-59

Here are the mic inputs for 25 - 28 Red, Yellow, Green and Blue mics

Chanel 1 is the mic from the Lecturn so turn up the fader here

Gain, Filter, Pan and Alt do different things but GAIN is helpful

Press Gain to adjust Gain

Filter to adjust filter

Pan to adjust PANN


Turn up the gain on the channel if needed

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