Here are the monitors on the stage that the mixer will

calibrate the level and sound that the person on stage hears

Note that there are 4 monitors labeled here 1-4

Each monitor can get a custom mix assigned via the 

Soundcraft Monitor Mixer

The channels on the board are as follows

"A" Faders

Press A on the FADERS selection

Channels 1-24 are patched in via the stage Snake

shown here

Channels 25-28 are the wireless mics 

Yellow = 25

Red = 26

Blue = 27

Green = 28

Crestron and Bluetooth inputs are on the "B" faders 

Press "B" FADERS to access this

"B" FADERS start with 

Crestron L and R on Channels 31 and 32

Bluetooth L and R on Channels 33 and 34

To send a mix to one of the monitors on stage

Press Mix 1 - 4 depending on what monitor you are mixing 

Then turn up the FADERS on A and B for what ever input you would

like to send to the monitor

In this ex: we are sending Crestron L and R to Mix 1

Also make sure that the Mono/SEL fader is turned ON and up to zero

SEL doesn't have to be on unless you want to access

the EQ/HPE/Gate or Comp