The key should be able to open the studio door as well as the pedestrian door that enters from the hallway between the control rooms. Note the passenger door is easier to open than the studio doors, but requires going down steps and a longer path in the dark to the lighting board. When the lighting board control is off, the studio is completely dark. That is why you need a flashlight to find the lighting control board. If you don't mind opening the studio doors, which are heavy, that may be the safest path in the studio. To open the studio door, turn the key clockwise a 1/4 turn and pull on the right side studio door handle, the one over the lock.

Turn on your flashlight and make your way over to the light board, pictured below:

Once you are at the light board, turn up the dimmer control number 24, pictured below:

Once these house lights are on, the lecture station is the same operation as the rest of the Moody Classrooms.

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