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Connect the Lighting Fixture to the lighting grid or find the fixture on the grid that you want to turn on.

Locate where it is plugged in.




In this picture example the Light is plugged into "S1"

Next we need to find the "Circuit" to turn on that matches "S2"

Go to the chart on the left and find "S"

on the vertical side and the "1" on the horizontal side.

So "S1" is Circuit 73.

Press F3 to get into the setup menu

Press "Right" arrow till you get to menu #9

Reset the Console to default

Choose "Yes"

Hit ESC to get to the home page.

Press F3=Setup

Select 1. Or Patch

Then click on (Select) or F3

Choose 1. "Edit Patch" click on F3 to select

Enter in the circuit to assign to the board.

Followed by the "@" / FX6 button

Then enter in the channel fader # to assign to the board.

To assign circuit 73 to the board channel fader 40 type in

"73@40" and follow that by pressing the asterisk key ( * ) / FX PAGE button

Asterisk key that is the same as "enter" to set the dimmer assignment

Make sure that the scene mode is in "Single Scene" this seems to work the best
Preset A should be up as well as Grand Master


|One note is that pressing "scene mode" over and over with Preset A and Grand Master up then that will toggle on the lights if they don't come on|

To see the settings of the circuits click the ESC or F1 key till the

"Main Menu" appears then click F3 or Setup to display the patch menu.
Arrow right to select the "2nd"

setting then click Select or F3 to select the Display Patch menu.

The patch settings will appear per dimmer and by selecting the "right" arrow key

can scroll through all the dimmers and see what circuit is patched to that controllable dimmer.
This example shows Circuit 80 (which is a floor plug 50 amp)

is controlled by dimmer #44 on the Strand Dimmer Board