Turn on the microphone

If you turn on the mic and the light is "Green" then the battery is good!

No need to go any further.

If you don't get a green light if it is RED or no light at all the battery needs to be replaced.

Look at the front you should see a battery icon

This is a picture of a "Full" good battery

This is a picture of a "Used" battery

If no battery icon shows up then the battery is completely dead

If you see the icon with 1 line or less replace the battery.

If it has two lines it'll be okay.

Here is the hours of operation per battery level

To change the battery Open the battery holder at the bottom of the Mic case

Remove the battery

Replace the battery with a new one and make sure you line up the battery terminals properly Large and Small terminals go into the mic battery slot matching the sizes.

Turn on the mic and make sure you are full battery.

Then turn off the mic and put back in the drawer.