This document describes how the Lab Manager can adjust the default sources shown daily on the TVs in the DMC 4.206 ADV Collaboration Room.

Note that teachers cannot adjust the content shown on the elevator lobby TVs. Only the lab manager may adjust the content shown on the elevator lobby TVs. 

Log into the 4.206A control room touchpanel using the Lab Manager access code. 
Press Enter.


Select the Routing Tab

Assign the temporary sources to the TVs as desired. 

(1) Choose Source
(2) Choose Destination(s)
(3) Press Set

Confirm you like the assignments by checking the camera view of the room.

This new temporary routing will remain until:

  1. tomorrow morning when the TVs turn on following the schedule (note schedule must be enabled), or
  2. you press Reset to Default on this Routing page, or
  3. a presenter in the classroom presses Reset to Default on the advanced page of the teacher's classroom touchpanel. Note that presenters cannot change the routing to the elevator lobby TVs. Those will remain as-is until 1 or 2 above happens.

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