Communication faculty can bring DVD or CD media to be placed on reserve at the College's Digital Media Labs (DML).  The DML is located in the NW corner of the 4th floor of the CMA building.  The DML proctor desk, where the DVD media will be held, is located in CMA 4.206E. 

Hours of operation and more information about the DML can be found at

Media on reserve at the DML is meant to meet the needs of faculty who might have students who missed a screening presented in class or during assigned lab times.  

Placing DVD media on reserve at the College of Communication

  1. Bring backup DVD copies of your media to the DML proctor in CMA 4.206E lab.   To guard against damage or loss we won't keep original media on reserve.   Only DVD or audio CD media will be accepted.
  2. Faculty can make copies of media using DIY duplication equipment located in the lab.   Instructions for making duplications can be found in the lab or at
  3. Bring only the media intended for use for that semester to be held on reserve.  We will request that you pick up your media at the end of every semester.  Faculty will need to maintain their duplicate copies between semesters or risk having to recreate the duplicates themselves when new semesters roll around.
  4. Students will checkout the media from the DML proctor in CMA 4.206E.  The student will leave their ID in place of the DVD until it is returned.  They can watch the video in the lab (headphones are available) or take the DVD with them to watch in other labs or on their own laptop.

Placing materials on reserve with the University of Texas Libraries

Another campus option for placing media on reserve, including books and other reference materials, is managed through the Fine Arts Library.  Details for this service can be found at

Note also that materials within the UT Library's holdings can be placed on reserve for use with specific classes.  These reserves are negotiated with the Booking Supervisor, David Fesperman, or Media Coordinator, Gary Lay, based on prior bookings, reserve use, and license agreements.  The online form for booking reserves is