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Green Output for Mainframe Reports 

Green Output is a printing method that deposits all the reports that are "printed" from the Mainframe. If you have been set-up for Green Output, documents like the NVP Inventory Certification Report, will print to your Austin Disk.

This Austin Disk can be found by following this link"YOUR-UTEID-HERE"/  

  • If you performed this correctly, then you will be prompted to enter in your UTEID. There maybe documents currently in your Austin Disk. 
  • My UTEID is jrm4288. So, I use the  to log in to my Austin Disk.  

If you do not have access or your UTEID log in does not work, contact Tech Services. 

If you believe you are not signed up for Green Output, contact Jackie Meshell at with the following information: 

  • Name
  • Department






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