Steps in this Helpsheet:

Turn on the Projector

Touch the touch panel screen to wake it up.

Press the Source you want to use to begin. The Projector will power on automatically.

Insert Disc

Press the eject button to open the tray
Insert the Disc
Press the eject button to close the tray

Play the Disc

Use the Menu and Play/Stop buttons to Play your Disc

Gotchas & Toubleshooting:

I pressed Play but the movie didn't start

All Discs are authored differently. Sometimes "Play" works. Sometimes "Enter" works. Try pressing "Enter" on the touchpanel.

The player won't play my foreign film.

Our Disc players will play NTSC and PAL Discs which are coded as Region 0 (no region) or Region 1 (United States & Canada). Contact the College of Communication Technology Services team if you need help playing a Disc from a different region.

The player won't play my burned Disc.

Our Disc players will play most burned Discs. We've had the best luck with DVD-R disks. You must remember to "close" or "write the table of contents" to your disk using your computer's Disc burning software before it will play. If your Disc doesn't play in the player, you can also try playing it in the classroom computer or on your laptop. If you still have problems getting your burned Disc to play, contact the College of Communication Technology Services team for assistance with your software or search this wiki for Disc burning workflows.

I hate using the touchscreen to control the menus.

Our Disc players also have front panel controls which let you navigate menus as well as play and pause.

Adjust the Volume

PLEASE NOTE: The volume controls and the menu across the bottom persist regardless of what screen you are on. The laptop screen is shown here only as an example.

Press the PLUS sign as indicated near the top right corner turn up the volume
Press the MINUS sign as indicated near the center right of the touch panel to turn down the volume

Press the MUTE AUDIO button to silence the audio. Press it again to restore the audio.


Blank the Screen

Press the *BLANK SCREEN *button at the bottom right to blank the screen. Press it again to restore the picture.
Even though the class won't see anything on the screen, you will still be able to see the picture on the teaching console monitor.

Turn off the Projector

Touch the touch panel screen to wake it up, if needed.

Please note the Laptop screen is shown for example purposes only. You may press the OFF button from any page as the bottom menu persists across all screens. 

From any screen, press the OFF text in the lower left-hand corner.

Confirm that you want to shut down the projector by pressing YES.

The projector will need to cool down for several minutes before it can be turned on again.

Get Help


Call 911 for all emergencies

Call UT Police at 512-471-4441 for all other security concerns

Technology and Classroom Equipment

Contact Moody College of Communication Technology Services for issues with classroom equipment, checkout equipment, and computing.

Call us at 512-471-1199, e-mail us at, create a ticket in Moody College Service Manager or come see us at our walk-in helpdesk which is located in CMA3.104.
When you get off the elevator on the 3rd floor of CMA, we're immediately to your right.


Contact Jeff Bachschmid, the College Facilities Manager, by creating a ticket in Moody College Service Manager.