“Assistant’s In-Ear Monitor Systems are installed in Booth B & E. The receivers for these systems are typically stored on top of the equipment rack in the booth.

To begin, set the volume knobs to "O" - between Left (L) & Right (R).

Note: This is relatively a good spot to start, you may need to increase or decrease volume. Also, if it does not POWER ON, you may need to change the batteries (AA)

Find the 'Talk to Assistant' mic and toggle the "push" button. Once Green, you will be able to talk into the mic and the assistant should be able to hear you.




If you are unable to here sound in the 'Booth Assistant' pack, start by making sure the "Group" & "Channel" on the pack - located
right above the batteries - matches the "Assistant In-Ear Tx" located on the rack.


NOTE: When talking into the microphone you should be able to see the signal bouncing in the "INPUT LEVEL" meter of the 'Assistant In-Ear Tx'



Still no signal in the 'Assistant In-Ear Tx'??

Next Step: While talking into the Microphone, locate the 'Talkback Mic Pre' on the rack & turn the "LEVEL" knob slowly to the right until you start to see signal In the "OUTPUT LEVEL".

If you see signal on the "OUTPUT LEVEL" (Talkback Mic Pre) then you should be able to see signal on the "INPUT LEVEL" meter (Assistant In-Ear Tx)


Reviewed 10/9/17 - Cox