First upload your .msi file to this server and folder


Windows open a new >file explorer window and type in


Put the .msi installer here as the "zoom" .msi file for example

Log in to computer with your COMM - XXXX


Open MECM Configuration Manager Console

Go to 

>Software Library

>Application Management



Next Click on Create Application

Choose Browse and navigate to the .msi file on the 

Browse to the ldpps-po1.austin server where we copied the .msi 

installer and select it and choose


Once selected then click on >Next

Successful importing of .msi file dialog

>Then click Next

Click Next confirming the Name and installation program

Click Next on this window to confirm

This window will confirm that the Create Application Wizard completed successfully

>Click Close

Now click on Deploy

Browse to search the collections of computers to install the software

Choose Device Collections from the drop down

Choose what computer collection to deploy the 

application -  In our case we are choosing 


>Custom Collections

>COMM-Teaching Stations (Dualboot MacMini)

Click OK

Click Next here

Click Next here

Click Next here


We chose a specific date and time to push the install

Click Next

Match these settings and click Next

Final Screen to show the

Deploy Software Wizard has completed successfully

To see the progress

>Click on Monitoring



Scroll down till you see zoom or the app you are deploying

Double click on the deployment "zoom" for example

The success tab will show completed installs

Click Refresh or Run Summarization to get updated info.

in the upper right corner you can see the refresh 

button and overall progress pie chart