Logging on to the College Shares: Classes or Transfer servers out of the UT Network.

You will need to click the link below to download.



NOTE - YOU are going to need a DUO passcode too make sure you have DUO authentication

Here is more info on DUO



Click the Install link to download the software

Install the .dmg

Click Continue

Installation process

Click Close after installation

Launch the application

Choose Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and double click to start application.

Choose to Connect to the vpn.utexas.edu

Click Select

To get the DUO passcode go to your app on your phone or other device and launch the app.

Here is more info on DUO


Press the KEY Icon it will generate a code and that is what you'll put

into the Duo Passcode

Type in your EID and Password and the DUO Passcode

Click Connect

You will see this icon on the top of your screen menu bar.

Use this workflow to log on to access the shares.