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This page addresses the process and procedures on ordering standard equipment through the UT Market FRMS System.

Step 1: Log in to POINT PLUS


Copy and paste the above link to access

the purchasing forum "eCommerce". Log

in with your UTEID.


Step 2: Click on the eCommerce button in the menu on the left

Once the page appears, select the "FRMS

eCommerce page" button indicated as

'STEP 3' in the picture to the right.

Step 3: Enter into UT Market

The UT Market page will feature a list of 

vendor icons, as seen in the image to the


From these vendors, select "Campus

Computer Store"

Step 4: When the Campus Computer Store web page appears, search or browse for the item(s) to be ordered.


  1. Mac Laptop Wiki Link
  2. Windows Laptop Wiki Link
  3. Mac Desktop Wiki Link 
  4. Windows Desktop Wiki Link
  5. Buying a Printer Wiki Link
  6. Buying a Tablet Wiki Link 

Step 5: After items have been added to the cart, go through the Punchout Process outlined below

When you are ready to checkout your

cart, select the "Proceed to Checkout"

button located below the "Est. Cart




You will then be taken to another view of

the cart, which then you will confirm the 

checkout of the cart. Finally, you will be

prompted to select the shipping method. 

Following the designation of Shipping, you

must then click the "SUBMIT ORDER"


Your order will then be routed to the

UT Market Punchout system, which will

allow you to assign a cart to someone

who is authorized to make the purchase.

To do this select the "Assign Cart"

button located in the upper and

lower right hand corners of the page.

First select "Search for an Assignee" as

indicated by "STEP 1" in the image to the


A dialog box will pop-up asking for a User

Search. This is where you will enter in

the information for the person who

is to approve and make the purchase.

Finally, after you have found the authorized

buyer on the list, you MUST select

"Assign" to send this cart to the

designated Assignee.

Step 6: You will receive a confirmation email stating you have assigned a cart. You will also receive follow up emails regarding the order that was placed.

Step 7: Receive your items and follow the "Inventory Procurement Guidelines"


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