Screen Recording with Screenface Cam

Screen Face Cam is a free screen recording application for computers running Microsoft Windows 7 and 8. 

It can be download here:

An instructional video can be viewed here:

and another video for getting the best results can be viewed here:

Screen Face Cam for Recording a Computer Screen

Screen Face Cam is designed to use your webcam to display a Picture-in-Picture style video.  Your webcam image will be placed in the lower righthand corner of the screen.  This feature can be turned on or off.   Audio from the computer's integrated microphone will also be recorded.  

Screen Face Cam

Follow the steps below to get started

After launching the Screen Face Cam application:

Click on Cam and Mic

If you want to record the webcam click on: Integrated Webcam

If you do not want to record a webcam click on: No Camera

You must check Microphone (High Definition Audio)

Next choose your Recording Size and Area

To record the the entire screen choose: Select Full Screen


To record a certain size reduce or enlarge the Screen Face Cam

window to the size you want to record and choose: Select Current Window Size and Position

then make the window of what you want to record the same size and position it in the same

area as the Screen Face Cam window.

Choose your Quality

Choose the quality from Lowest / Medium / High / Highest.


When you are ready to record click on: Start and Stop

A window will pop up where you can set the destination of the output file

and give you a chance to name the file.

When you have entered a filename and once you click OPEN, the recording will begin.  

To stop the recording click on Start and Stop / Stop Recording


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