We retrieve employee data from Workday. Because it does not distinguish between phone numbers which can receive text messages and those which can receive only voice calls, it's necessary for you verify these numbers if you wish to receive TEXT messages via the Moody Urgent Alerts service. In order to do so, please log into our Everbridge Member Portal at http://bit.ly/MoodyAlerts. Choose the "Sign in with SSO credentials" button:

This will take you the the familiar UT Austin enterprise login pages, in which you will enter your UT EID credentials and follow the usual two-factor (Duo) process to verify your identity.

You will then see the following page:

Everbridge Member Portal main screen

Make note of the "Primary Call" and "Primary Text" numbers shown. These should be phone numbers that can receive voice and text messages, respectively.

For most people, the number you provided in Workday is likely the same number that can receive texts. As such, we made the assumption that your "Primary Text" number is the same as your "Primary Call" number. But if you supplied Workday with a different number (if, for example, you have a home phone line and a different mobile line) you will have to modify it here.

If you wish to modify either number, click the "Edit" link, at which point, you will be taken to the "My Profile" screen:

Type in the correct numbers in the correct fields, then click "Save" to save your changes. You'll be taken back to the original main screen, which should now show your edits. That's it!

Please NOTE: If your Primary Email is incorrect, or if the numbers you reported were entirely invalid, you should update your records within Workday to assure you receive important documents and communications from the University. Do that here: https://workday.utexas.edu/news/how-do-i-update-my-primarywork-email-address

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