In addition to requesting the removal of class materials that have already been uploaded to a website, encouraging students not to upload class materials in the first place may be an effective tool in protecting copyrighted materials and the academic integrity of the university.  The following sample statement may be used by faculty members in their syllabi in order to provide notice to students that they should not copy materials or upload them to websites. 

Use of Class Materials

The materials used in this class, including, but not limited to, exams, quizzes, and homework assignments are copyright protected works.  Any unauthorized copying of the class materials is a violation of federal law and may result in disciplinary actions being taken against the student.  Additionally, the sharing of class materials without the specific, express approval of the instructor may be a violation of the University's Student Honor Code and an act of academic dishonesty, which could result in further disciplinary action.  This includes, among other things, uploading class materials to websites for the purpose of sharing those materials with other current or future students.   

Class Recordings

The following statement may be used by faculty members in their syllabi in order to provide notice regarding the faculty member’s policy regarding class recordings.

Electronic Class Recordings Prohibited

With the exception of the students who are permitted to do so as part of a reasonable accommodation received by Services for Students with Disabilities, students may not electronically record class.  This prohibition includes the use of audio and video recordings.  The prohibition does not include the use of laptops for the purpose of typing notes, which is permitted.

Note: the final sentence should be deleted if laptops are also prohibited in class.

Electronic Class Recordings Permitted

Students are permitted to electronically record class using audio and video recorders.  Such recordings may only be used for your personal educational use and may not be distributed to other persons.  Any student who violates these limitations is subject to discipline under Chapter 11 of the Institutional Rules. 

Note: the first sentence should be changed if the faculty members wishes to permit only the use of audio recorders. 




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Sample Use Statements for Syllabus

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