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The Key Department will come out to WPR on a Tuesday or a Thursday to hand out keys after our locks are installed. They’ll give us 48 to 72 hours’ notice before the day of distribution. You can hang on to your UTA key(s) until then to turn over to them, or turn your UTA key(s) in to the Key Office as soon as we leave UTA.

"Important: Pursuant to The University of Texas at Austin security policies, only the key holder may sign for and receive the requested keys. No other staff member, administrative assistant, receptionist, etc., may sign for or receive keys on behalf of someone else." --Lock & Key shop memo to PRC occupants, June 20, 2017

Parking Permits

If you have a Guadalupe Garage permit, you can trade it in for the less-expensive A permit at a staffed garage.  Here’s a list of the staffed garages. (Trinity Garage recommended.)

UT ID Cards Proximity Authorization

Amy De La Rosa is our BACS administrator. (BACS stands for Building Access Control System—that’s what your UT ID card is coded through.)

Hot tip:

CTR has badge holders with retractable cords, which will be handy for badging in and out of the building each day. Let us know if you’d like one. Or you can come up with your own system to keep your ID card at hand—just don’t punch a hole in it. The UT ID cards contain a thin wire that must remain intact for the cards to work on the BACS readers. (BACS stands for Building Access Control System—that’s what your UT ID card is coded through.)

Building / Door Security

You need your UT ID card to both enter AND exit the card-access doors.
  • The ground floor has three revolving doors set to require card access at all times; only the south side has sliding glass doors. 
  • One ADA swing door is available; it is on the north side and does not require ID access during normal business hours.
  • All revolving doors and the ADA door are card-accessible during non-business hours—as long as your UT ID card is activated for WPR building access.
  • We received these tips from the WPR building manager:
Use the following procedure for BACS access for the three revolving doors:
  1. To enter and exit, hold your UT ID badge next to the BACS box and it will beep.
  2. Step into the revolving door and make sure you are standing on the second triangle to activate the door. (That second triangle is weight-activated.)
    • It will rotate automatically; you do not need to push on the door.
    • It is a tight fit to enter the revolving door. If you have any large backpacks or boxes, use the ADA door or the south side entrance.

  • North side ADA door (Braker Lane side of building).
    • Use the ADA button to open it during normal hours. After business hours it is card-access only.
    • Do not hold the ADA door open. If it is held open, the silent security alarm will notify UTPD.
    • Let it cycle through opening and closing. If you need it to open again, just punch the button again to open it.
    • When leaving the building, punch the button on the wall (to the left). It will open and you can exit.

  • If you invite visitors to the building, please see the Visitors section for specifics on entry/exit.

Trash and Recycling

UT custodial services services:

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays – trash and recycling service (Please put your bins outside your office door, in the hallway—these folks don’t enter your office to pick up the bins.  )
  • They will enter offices once or twice a month to vacuum.
  • Common areas like kitchens and bathrooms will be cleaned daily, including trash disposal.


UT’s Document Solutions will deliver the campus and USPS mail to our front desk. You can place outgoing mail in the bin at the front desk. Note that the address you will give for having items shipped to our WPR office will depend on the shipping method.

Mailing addresses have been updated on the CTR website's Contact Page.

However! The building’s offices are supposed to be renumbered shortly after we move in, so that suite number may change. Stay tuned for breaking news in this area.

Location and Use of the CTR Vehicles

See Borrowing CTR Vehicles information page on this wikispace.

Departmental Parking Pass for Campus Visits

CTR is buying one departmental parking pass for staffers to check out if they need to drive their vehicles to campus for meetings and such. You’ll be able to check out the pass much like you can check out one of the CTR vehicles. However, a departmental parking pass actually provides only limited areas where you can park on campus—primarily the San Antonio and Guadalupe garages. Given this limited utility (and a high cost of almost $600), we are purchasing only one departmental pass. Get details about where you can park with this pass: https://parking.utexas.edu/parking/department/fdp-departmental-permit

Hot Water

The showers have hot water, and three sinks on our floor have hot water. The building’s overall hot water heating system is out of order. Otherwise, for hot water on the 4th floor, go to the mini-kitchen sink found in between the bathrooms, or the kitchen across from the central elevators.

Mezzanine Lounge

Eating space is available between the 3rd and 4th floors, with access via a small staircase by the west kitchenette.


  • Basketball court (in the parking lot on the Mopac side)
  • Walking/running trail, approximately 1 mile (in the wooded area surrounding the building)
  • Showers and lockers (1st floor)
  • Patio seating (1st floor)
  • UFCU ATM (1st floor)
  • Vending machines (snacks and bottled drinks on the 1st floor, canned drinks in the 4th floor central kitchenette.)

Nearby Restaurants and Stores

  • This area is rich in retail and restaurants—too many to list. Here are some highlights, though:
  • Whole Foods (2 locations: Arboretum and Domain)
  • Costco
  • Sam’s
  • Trader Joe’s

Building Neighbors

Parking, Transit, and Bicycles

CTR Employee Parking

  • WPR has Longhorn Lots—that means anyone with any UT permit can park there. Faculty and staff can use an A permit, which is their least expensive faculty/staff UT permit. Permits are prorated if purchased later in the year.
  • Purchase your permit online through the UT Parking and Transportation Services department. (https://parking.utexas.edu/)
  • Note: If you are switching jobs from another campus department and have a garage permit, you can exchange it for an A permit by visiting PTS in person at any of the staffed parking garage kiosks: Brazos Garage (BRG); Conference Center Garage (CCG); East Campus (ECG); Manor (MAG); Speedway (SWG); Trinity (TRG); Health Center Garage (HCG).
  • WPR parking map:
  • sketch of WPR parking lot locations
  • All but one lot are designated Longhorn Lots. WPR employees are encouraged to use Lots A, B, and C. Lots D, E, and G are intended for visitors with UT permits (including visitor parking passes). Lot F is for visitors without a UT parking permit.

Note: Lot F on the south side of the building (closest to the public entrance) is a Pay & Display lot. People parking there need to pay the meter and place the meter-produced tag inside their windshield. The Visitors section of this document has more details on the visitor lots.

photo of entrance to the paid lot

Public Transit

  • Bus routes #3 and #392 have stops on Braker Lane. The #3 runs about every 30 minutes and the #392 runs about every 50 minutes. If you take the train, the #392 can pick you up at the MetroRail Kramer station. Unfortunately, if you miss, say, the 7:32, the next one doesn’t arrive until 8:22 (based on Cap Metro times as of 1.25.18).
  • satellite image of WPR and surrounding area with 3 nearby bus stops circled on Braker Lane and the two parking lot entrances markes (1 on Braker Lane and 1 on the MoPac service road).


  • The current public transit offerings for WPR might serve as encouragement to start involving a bicycle in your commute. The MoPac access road does have a nice, wide sidewalk, and the southwest corner of Braker and Mopac has newly installed pedestrian/bicycle-friendly cutouts.

Bicycle connections from nearby transit

  • From the Kramer station: ~15 minutes from the station, using bike lanes on Kramer and cutting through the Domain to the Braker bike lane
  • From the Pavilion Park & Ride: ~20 minutes down Jollyville Road
  • From the 803 stop in the main Pickle campus: ~10 minutes on Braker

photo of a sign that says Right turn only, yield to bikes

photo of a bike rack on the southeast corner of the WPR building

  • There are showers on the first floor if needed.
  • You can bring your bike into the office. With your bike, try the south entrance’s sliding glass doors or the the north side’s ADA door. Your proximity card will automatically open the ADA door.
  • If you or your visitors don’t want to bring bikes up to the office, you can use the bike rack that is located on the east side of the building, near a revolving door.


Building entry/exit

  • To enter the building: Visitors can enter the sliding glass doors at the south entrance any time before 5:00 p.m., and they can exit those doors any time before 7:00 p.m. Those doors lock at 7:00 p.m., so any visitor leaving after that time will need to be badged out one of the other doors (like a revolving door or the ADA swing door).
  • Please provide visitors with your phone number so they know who to call or text when they arrive.


  • Attached is a parking map for visitors. The quickest route to the Visitor Lots (both metered and UT-permit) is from the Mopac access road entrance. Visitors can use the entrance on Braker as well—they just have to drive around the perimeter to reach those lots.
  • Visitors with a UT parking permit: if a UT affiliate is driving a car with a UT permit in it or a UT vehicle, they can park in any of the designated Longhorn Lots. If they choose to park in the Pay & Display (metered) area instead (Lot F), they must purchase a permit at the kiosk and display it on their windshield or they will be ticketed by Parking & Transportation.
  • Visitors without a UT parking permit: non-UT folks will need to either pay the meter in the Pay & Display area to park in Lot F or obtain a visitor permit to park in the Longhorn Lots.

We have no way to validate parking or refund parking costs. If a visitor parks and pays in the Pay & Display lot, we don’t have a mechanism or means to refund that.

So, if you are having visitors who don’t already have UT permits, and don’t want them to have to pay for parking, you’ll need to think ahead and arrange for visitor parking passes. We will need to purchase visitor parking passes (known as class VSP) that you can give your visitors to display on their dashboard if they park in the Longhorn Lots.

Please email CTR-Admin at least 2 business days in advance of the visit to request  visitor parking passes. Include the names of the visitors and the purpose of the visit in your email. We do have to pay $4 for each and every visitor pass use, so we will be closely monitoring and potentially limiting visitor passes as needed.

Official Restrictions on Visitor Parking Passes

Class "VSP" permits are issued to university departments and are valid for only one day. The permit may be used in any surface parking space not designated “AT ALL TIMES”. It is not valid in ADA (unless a state issued ADA placard or plate is present), K, O, or meters.

Location map

Photos of Location

These images can be used for for event / visitor instructions

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