EDP students may apply for waivers from one or more courses required by their program. The goal is to allow students who have taken prior graduate courses that are the equivalent of courses required by their program to be excused from taking these again. EDP strongly recommends students submit waivers before the start of their first semester.

To be eligible for waiver, a previously-completed course must:

  • Be graduate-level coursework
  • Have been completed with a grade of B or better
  • Substantially duplicate the content of the course or requirement for which you seek a waiver. Note: if the content of the EDP course you are requesting to waive was covered across multiple courses, you may use those in your waiver request. 

On this page:

Waiver Process

  1. View your Program of Work to see what courses are required for your degree
  2. Course descriptions can be found in the UT Catalog, and syllabi in the UT Syllabi Search system
  3. Complete the  Course Waiver Form
  4. Follow the submission instructions on the form. Note: instructors can be found in the UT Course Schedules and syllabi search system. If you are not sure who to contact for instructor signature, contact the EDP Graduate Coordinator.
  5. Students will be notified in writing by the Graduate Coordinator of waiver decision.
  6. Approved waivers will be filed by the Graduate Coordinator in your Program of Work folder in UT Box. 
    Note: it is recommended you keep a copy of all approved waiver forms in case you need them in the future (particularly for students planning on obtaining licensure, e.g. as a licensed psychologist.

Special Waivers

Coursework Older than Six Years

If you want a course to fulfill an out-of-specialization requirement for an en-route master’s degree, that course cannot be older than 6 years, and cannot have been used to fulfill degree requirements at your previous university. The Graduate School currently has a separate waiver process for courses older than 6 years.

EDP 380C Fundamental Statistics

Beginning Fall 2020, waiver requests will be allowed for EDP 380C.2 Fundamental Statistics (replacing the prior Proficiency Exam process). EDP 380C.2 Fundamental Statistics is the prerequisite course for all Quantitative Methods courses. To submit a waiver for this course:  

  • Student must have a minimum of 1 advanced graduate-level statistics course completed with a B or higher within the last 6 years. The only undergraduate course that may be counted is EDP 371 Introduction to Statistics, completed within the last 6 years with a B or higher.
  • The course must have covered all of the following topics at minimum:
    • Scales of measurement
    • Statistical notation
    • Frequency distribution of scores
    • Measures of Central Tendency
    • Measures of Variability
    • Z scores
    • Sampling distributions of sample means
    • One-sample hypothesis testing
    • The t-statistic
    • Confidence intervals
    • Two-sample hypothesis testing
    • Related samples t test
    • Analysis of Variance
    • Correlation
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Chi-square test of goodness of fit
    • Chi-square test of independence
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