To help protect your data, all systems managed by ITG are automatically backed up. Backup is handled completely behind the scenes and should not get in the way of your work. 

What is being backed up?

  1. All work documents in your user folder.
  2. All documents in the C:\Research folder.
  3. All documents in the C:\Data folder.

What is NOT being backed up?

The following folders in your user folder are not backed up.  Note: movie, picture and video file types are backed up as long as they are not in one of these profile/user folders.

    1. Music
    2. Videos
    3. Pictures

Where can I put files so that they are not backed up?

A folder that is not inside of your user folder, c:\Research, or c:\Data.

How do I verify my backup is working?

Left click on the CrashPlan icon in the system tray and look for the green check mark next to PROe-Cloud, US. If a backup is in progress, it's status will also be reflected here.

How do I restore files?

To ensure the most consistent backup, the service uses a randomly generated machine account. If you need to recover a file(s), please submit a service request

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