The CLASP FileMaker database collects departmental financial data about funds released to the college through faculty leaves and separations, and funds requested for temporary faculty and AIs/ TAs.  Although this data is constantly being updated throughout the year, it provides the opportunity to see a snapshot of future projections and needs of the department at a certain point in time so that funding decisions can be made.

The dean's current memo about soft money funding, and instructions for entering data into the CLASP database and for submitting additional soft money requests for the upcoming academic year, can be found in the database under the "Documents" tab once you login.

How to get access

Soft Money

Soft Money Instructional Funds are one-time funds that are allocated to units each year and funded via the Dean’s Office. Funds available to the Dean’s Office vary from year-to-year based on monies generated by faculty leaves and separations.

Soft Money Allocation Guidelines 2019-20

Soft Money Allocation Guidelines 2020-21

Soft Money Allocation Guidelines 2021-22

Soft Money Allocation Guidelines_2022-23

Soft Money Allocation Guidelines_2023-24

Signature Course Funding

Funding Model for the College of Liberal Arts

For 2019-20 and 2020-21:

  • Faculty Replacement Costs: $13,260 in faculty replacement costs will be provided to the department for each faculty member receiving a full course release to teach a signature course. If a course is team taught, this amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Teaching Assistant Costs:For each UGS-303 course, $8,000 will be provided to the department for each TA based on the following ratios:
    • At least one TA for each 50 students for courses without the Writing Flag
    • At least one TA for each 30 students for courses with the Writing Flag or a Difficult Dialogues Course
  • Supplemental Signature Course Funds (formerly special course costs): UGS now coordinates this funding directly with faculty and departments.

Departments may use Signature Course funds for either non-tenure-track faculty salaries or teaching assistant/assistant instructor salaries. By provost ruling, in no case may these funds be used to enhance any tenured or tenure-track faculty salary directly. 



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