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College of Liberal Arts OOEF Policy

The College Official Occasion Expense Forms (OOEF) policy pertains to all entertainment expenditures. Entertainment expenditures include food and beverages, facility rentals, flowers, invitations, and other similar expenses and must serve a business purpose.

Best Practices

  • All entertainment payments require an approved Official Occasion Expense Form.
  • The University is exempt from the mixed beverage tax and state sales tax.
  • Preapproval is required for purchases made using the procard. Please include "preapproval" in the OOEF document ID field.
  • Receipts and invoices must be attached unless the OOEF is for preapproval. For preapproved events, receipts and invoices must be uploaded to the OOEF once received. 
  • If the Dean hosts an event, special processing is required. Please contact the Dean's Office.
  • When possible, a house account (direct bill/ invoice for payment) should be used for vendors.
  • Reimbursements for employee companion meals are not permitted unless the donor/distinguished guest has a companion in attendance.
  • Tips should not exceed 20% of the subtotal (excluding taxes, and fees).
  • See the OOEF policy for guidelines regarding per person limits for your different event types.
  • The OOEF should reflect a business reason and benefit to the university. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for examples.
  • All vendors for a single event should be included on one OOEF, include explanation in the notes section.
  • If the number of guests listed on the receipt differs from the amount listed on the OOEF, please include a note to explain. 
  • Sales tax is reimbursable for dine in meals only.
  • If a bartender is involved, a Purchase Order must be issued before the event, which includes the following statement "Bartender must have a TABC license". (*Note: if the vendor is requiring a signature or requiring the University agree to terms and conditions for the event, a full contract is needed instead of a Purchase Order)

Frequently Asked Questions

The college has compiled a list of the most often asked questions in an effort to provide further guidance for OOEF creators and reviewers. 


For CBS Clients, please contact your group.  

External Resources

Handbook of Business Procedures 9.1.1

CoLA Online OOEF

CoLA OOEF Policy

Last Modified: 21 April, 2022

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