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There are two categories for which you can request a new account or budget group: Educational and General Accounts, and Non-Educational and General Accounts. Follow this link to find the PDF new account request forms for both types of accounts:

Once they are signed in the department, the forms should be sent to the Finance Team in the Dean’s Office. Finance staff reviews the form prior to it being signed by the CBO.

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


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Tips & FAQs

  • Less is more when describing the “Account Purpose.” Very briefly explain how the funds to be deposited in the new account will be spent. Some examples: “Will receive gifts donated for _____”; “Will receive income from conferences in dept X” (you do not need to provide conference title or theme); “Will receive funds to support program X of Humanities Institute.”
  • Accounts with an “All Expense” sub-account (51) cannot have additional expenditure sub-accounts unless they are 70 (scholarship) or 71 (tuition) sub-accounts.  For this reason, the Dean’s Office supports the use of a –57 (department expenses) sub-account rather than the –51.
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