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All LBJ School classrooms follow the standard Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services classroom technology model. The computers in the rooms run both macOS 10.14.x and Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit, and they require a UT EID to log in. There is an HDMI cable with a ring of adapters for connecting laptops to the room's projector and speakers. Each room is also equipped with a document camera for displaying physical content. Each room has a touch panel that is used to operate all technology in the space.

All of our classrooms have been upgraded to include a webcam mounted in the front and back of the room as well as microphones in the ceiling to easily facilitate web conferencing. The webcams can be turned on and their positioning can be controlled by pressing the camera button on the touch panel. LBJ ITS also offers mobile computer carts for checkout which feature a TV, Apple Mac Mini, Logitech C930e webcam, Jabra SPEAK 510 speakerphone, and wireless keyboard and mouse. These can be used in spaces such as conference rooms and offices.

Some of our classrooms are split in half using a partition depending on the number and size of classes each semester. The west side of these classes are consider "tech lite" and do not have a technology console or a computer. SRH 3.214 has been upgraded to include a HDMI connection with a ring of adapters as well as a VGA connection. The other tech lite classrooms only offer a VGA connection. Adapters can be checked out from SRH 3.274.

If you need assistance using technology in the LBJ School classrooms, you can stop by SRH 3.274, call 471-0229, or email us at

Be aware that the furniture is in a specific arrangement in SRH 3.216/219 and SRH 3.B7 and cannot be rearranged. Instructors who regularly teach in these spaces have agreed on the optimal configuration so that all of the tables are powered.

LBJ Classroom Capacities

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