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This wiki is being replaced by the LBJ School's Zendesk support system. Please go to for the latest information and to request help.

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The LBJ School computer lab is located on the south end of the second floor of SRH Unit 3 in SRH 3.262. Students may access the lab at all hours using their UT ID card, but keep in mind the computer undergo a maintenance cycle in the early AM hours. LBJ students who do not have building access added to their ID cards should email and include the badge number from the back of their UT ID card.


There are 10 Apple Mac mini computers that run both macOS 10.14.x and Windows 10 available to use in person. There are also four 27-inch monitors with a ring of adapters that you can connect to your personal computer.

Additionally, 10 computers will remain available to access remotely. These computers will be booted into Windows only, but you can still connect to them from Apple computers. There is an access list in place that only allows connections from LBJ students who are enrolled in classes for the current semester. There is an activity monitor running, so your session will be ended if an extended period of inactivity is detected. Please work from cloud storage to avoid data loss. If you don’t have one already, you can create your UT Box account at We will not be able to recover any lost work if you are disconnected.

Access the remote computers here:

You will find instructions for connecting from Windows and macOS and for using the UT VPN at the top of the page. Access is only granted to the computers under the SRH 3.275 section.


3.2 GHz (4.6 GHz boost) 6 core/12 thread Intel Core i7-8700B
16 GB DDR4-2666 RAM
256 GB SSD
Intel UHD Graphics 630

All computers have Microsoft Office 2019 and Stata 17 installed on both operating systems. ESRI ArcGIS is installed in Windows.

Computer Lab Tips:

- Login with your UT EID and EID password. Remember to LOGOUT when finished.

- All files will be erased when you logout. Be sure to save your work to an external USB flash drive or cloud storage before you logout.

- Please be careful with beverages and other refreshments near the equipment, and help us keep the lab in order by cleaning spills, water rings and trash when you leave.


One black and white and one color UT Print copier are located in the southeast corner of the lab. Upload your jobs at, and then scan your UT ID card at the copiers to release the print jobs. Additional information about topics such as refunds can be found on the UT Print Service Now page.

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