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Use the LBJ School's departmental transaction number (DTN) system to obtain a DTN number. 

Complete the Financial Transaction Initiation form to provide the relevant accounting codes so the transaction can be categorized.


UT Market

UT Market is an electronic procurement system that enables shoppers to browse for products across multiple suppliers, and can be used to conveniently purchase a variety of items for academic and administrative use. Please contact the LBJ School Business Office to be setup in the system as a shopper. Note: If food or beverage is purchased using UT Market, an Official Occasion Expense Form (OOEF) must be attached to the order.


Shipping & Mailing

The following are ways to ship or mail an item to/from UT. An account number will be needed to use either of these methods: University Mail Service and FedEx.


Purchase Order

Use a Purchase Order (P.O.) for purchases of deliverable goods, continuing services and software licenses if goods are unavailable through UT market. Please review the Purchasing Process Flowchart: Also see Handbook of Business Procedures Part 7.4 Purchasing Note: Computer and Tablet purchases require special handling, please contact the Business Office.



Contracts are legal agreements between the University and an individual or business entity that are processed through the Business Contracts Office. (Note: All contracts must be reviewed by the LBJ School Business Office prior to submission to the Business Contracts Office.) For more detail regarding business contracts please see: Use a contract for the procurement of services or deliverable goods when it is prudent to detail specific negotiated terms and conditions, including a Statement of Work within a legally binding document.


Agreement for Individual Services

To determine if an Agreement for Individual Services (AIS) should be processed or if a business contract or agreement would be more appropriate please see the Handbook of Business Procedures:



A co-sponsorship is funding for a specific event or function, that is planned, hosted, and sponsored by an outside entity, where the University of Texas at Austin receives a benefit as well as recognition for the co-sponsorship. Note: Co-Sponsorships include the purchase of tables or other space at an event or conference of an outside entity. Procedures for co-sponsorships can be found at: Co-Sponsorship forms should be submitted to the Business Office for approval. The form appropriate for non-26 accounts can be found at:



Memberships to professional organizations may be processed using a voucher or may be reimbursed to an individual, depending on the membership type and funding source. Please note that certain restrictions apply if using state funds.


Software or Technology

All Information Technology Procurements (e.g. network capable computing devices and large dollar or high risk software) are required to be routed through the unit's IT Systems Custodian (for the LBJ School this is LBJ Information Technology Services) For purchases of licensed software, please visit:



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