Your committee is expected to attend your defense in the manner submitted to the Graduate School detailed in your Request for Final Oral form.  Physical attendance by your supervisor is mandatory while your committee may choose to participate either in person or electronically.

It is expected that all members of the committee attend the defense, either in person or via teleconference. The Graduate School does not distinguish between physical attendance or electronic/virtual attendance. If one non-supervisory committee member is unable to attend the defense, there must be an explanation of the member’s absence, together with an assurance that your dissertation will be read, and if approved, signed. There is a pre-typed section on the second page of the Request for Final Oral Examination form, which may be used, or an attached letter may be used.  These explanations must be signed by the committee member in question, OR your committee supervisor, OR your graduate adviser. Call the Graduate School at 512-471-4511 with any questions concerning this.

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