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What is Science Policy?
You might work as a congressional advisor acting as the resident “expert” on all things science. You might work with a professional society to help craft or analyze policies for the society and/or the government. You might also work for a think tank crafting and analyzing policies for other companies or the government. Possible policy areas include natural resources, energy, the environment, national security, education and outreach and many others. Here is a short article with more information.

Fellowships (approximate application deadlines given in parentheses)

You can find policy type jobs with places like the National Science Foundation or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but usually these jobs require some number of years work experience prior to applying. Also look at USAJobs which lists ALL job openings in the federal government.

Relevant Classes
In addition to the obvious scientific knowledge you will be expected to posses any position in policy requires excellent written and verbal communication skills and a familiarity with statistics is often desired. Familiarity with grant proposals is also sometimes desired. Some classes you might consider taking if you are interested in science policy include:


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