University of Texas at Austin Instructors

University of Texas students are automatically enrolled in their classes in Quest based on the registrar's data. The platform synchronizes with the database every few hours for the first 12 days of class to keep up with the add/drops as students adjust their schedule, then the sync happens nightly throughout the semester to maintain the correct roster.

Please do not manually drop students during this time. If a student has dropped the class and is still being listed in the course, they should contact us directly at and include their UT eid and class unique.

Students can request enrollment in a course by entering the unique of the course they wish to join in the search field at the bottom of their main page.

Once a student submits a request for enrollment, you will have a notice at the top of the instructor's view saying you have enrollment requests waiting. Simply click "View Requests".

When you see this blue 'enrollment requests waiting your approval' line, please view requests and approve students in a timely fashion.  Students will not have access to the course until they are approved. Simply check the approve box for the student you wish to approve.

After checking the Approve button, simply refresh the page to save.

Please note–instructor approvals prevent automatic roster synchs from dropping the approved student should they later drop the course.  You will be responsible for managing the roster manually for any students approved on this page. 

Student approvals can also be found via the Course Menu under the Students list titled "Approve Enrollments".

(older code environment)

(newer code environment, on the left side bar)