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You can export and import questions from any assignment to another within Quest. This is a good way to copy question lists between different types of assignments or to an assignment you have already created. To do so, go to the assignment you would like to copy questions from.

  1. Expand the left side bar by pushing the three horizontal lines (in the upper left hand corner next to the house)

2. Select "Export Questions".


3. This brings up a text display of the unique titles of the questions in the assignment:

Copy the list of questions from the page, then you can paste this list into any unpublished assignment using the "Import Questions" page:

Notice that Question names have some letters in them. ID numbers are only numbers.

Just press "Import" at the bottom of the page.

This can be used on all types of assignments throughout the Quest system.

Remember only certain questions are eligible for inclusion on some assignment types (ie those which convert free response problems to multiple choice), so you may receive error notices if you try to import disallowed question types.