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Each day, you are expected to fill out the activity log recording what you worked on and for how long. This information helps the Curator gather quantifiable project information, which is crucial for writing grant proposals. 


You can find the Activity Log in the Databases directory of the JSG-NPL share. Navigate to the activity log.mdb and open it. Creating a shortcut to this database will save you time, as well as make it easier to remember to fill it out daily. It will open straight to the form shown at the bottom of the page.

To fill out the form

  1. Select Your Name
  2. Select Collection. Most often, this will be the Invert Collection. Ask the project lead if you are unsure.
  3. Find your task/project
  4. Enter how many hours you worked on that task.
  • If you worked on more than one project, click the button note by the arrow with Enter on it.

      5. Click the finished button when complete.