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Tatiana Artis serves as the Executive Assistant and Chief-of-Staff for the Department and her duties include:

  • Faculty and Staff recruitment, leave, promotion/tenure, award nominations, job appointments/assignments
  • Assistant to the Chair
  • Record minutes and provide materials for faculty and staff meetings
  • Human Resource contact
  • Supervisor of Building Manager, Course Scheduler, and Front Desk Administrative Assistant
  • General Office Management



Office: 1.144A

Phone: 232-5318




Jessica Champion serves as Building Manager for the Department and his duties include:

  • Building Maintenance and Renovation
  • Oversight of Student Workers
  • Coordinate ABT Summer Camp


Office: 1.142A (in 1.144)

Phone: 232-2668




Natasha Small serves as Guest Artist Liaison and Event Coordinator. Her duties include:

  • Guest Artist Paperwork
    Assist with Development Activities
  • Assistant to Brant Pope
  • Scheduling, Travel, and Calendar for Department Chair

Office: 1.144E

Phone: 232-9402



Clarissa Smith serves as Course Scheduler. Her duties include:
  • Creating and Managing the course schedule and all related duties.


Office: 1.144

Phone: 475-6565



Cassie Gholston serves as Director of Marketing.

  • Oversight of all Publicity, Marketing, Public Relations for the Department
  • Oversight of Web and Social Media Presence
  • Oversight of Production Season Publicity


Office: 1.144D

Phone: 232-5301



Kevin Newcomb assists the Department of Theatre and Dance by managing the Technology Classrooms.

  • Installs and Repairs A/V equipment in Winship.
  • Assists Faculty with using Technology Classrooms, including keys.


Office: 2.114

Phone: 232.5305



Megan Bommarito serves as Marketing Assistant.

  • Web and Social Media Updates and other Publicity
  • Website
  • Video


Office: 1.144E

Phone: 232-5337



Lizeth R. Salinas serves as the Finance Manager for the Department.

  • Budgeting for the Department
  • Account Management and Reconciliation for the Department
  • Approves Department Purchase


Office: 1.154B

Phone: 232-5317



Patricia Semenov serves as the Purchasing Officer for the Department.

  • Purchases for the Department
  • Reimburses Faculty/Staff/Students
  • Payroll



Office: 1.154A

Phone: 232-7978



Mark-Anthony Zuniga serves as the Undergraduate Advisor for the Department. 

  • Advises Department Undergraduate Majors and Nonmajors
  • Manages Enrollment Restrictions, Registration Bars, etc.
  • Tracks Undergraduate Student Progress


Office: 1.118

Phone: 232-5308



TBD : serves as the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator for the Department.

*Shelton Lewis may be contacted in the interim regarding admissions inquiries.

  • Coordinate Department Undergraduate Admissions and Recruiting Activities
  • Meet all Prospective Students/Parents
  • SACS/Accreditation


Office: TBD

Phone: TBD


 Andrea Grapko serves Graduate Coordinator. Her duties include:
  • Managing the graduate programs
  • Admissions and recruitment of graduate students


Office: 1.144

Phone: TBD



Steven Hendrickson assists the Department by maintaining our Computer Lab (TADL) in WIN 1.138.

  • Oversight and Maintenance of TADL Computer Classroom.
  • Oversight of Proctors in TADL



Office: DFA 3.218

Phone: 471-6309



Lara Dossett assists the Department by Coordinating Drama for Schools programming under Katie Dawson’s direction.

  • Coordinate Drama for Schools programming
  • Coordinate Drama for Schools Summer Institute



Office: WIN B.114

Phone: ----



Megan Tabaque is the Department Receptionist

  • Main Office Reception
  • Special Events



Office: WIN 1.142

Phone: 471-5793


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