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Contact Trent Lesikar with any questions. 

Maintain a professional tone but always consider your audience and adjust accordingly. Read the UGS Twitter account to get a good idea for an appropriate student-friendly and professional tone. 

The communications team monitors the various social media accounts across UGS. If an account is not properly maintained, you may be contacted to discontinue the account or rethink your social media strategy. Please consult the UGS Style Guide for best practices when writing for the web.

Social Media Directory


Archer Fellowship

Blackstone LaunchPad

Bridging Disciplines Programs

Center for Skills & Experience Flags

Discovery Scholars

Office of Undergraduate Research

Sanger Learning Center

Transfer-Year Experience Program

Undergraduate Studies Council

Vick Center



The communications team manages the School of Undergraduate Studies and Wayfinder Twitter accounts. Our design team can create profile pictures and banner images. Submit a design request if you're starting a new Twitter account and are in need of materials. If you have questions about starting or maintaining a Twitter account, email the communications team.


The communications team manages the School of Undergraduate StudiesSanger Learning CenterFreshman Reading Round-Up, and Wayfinder Facebook accounts. Submit a design request if you would like our team to create shareable graphics, cover photos, or profile pictures for your program's Facebook account. facebook accounts tend to have lower engagement than other social media channels. Posts with a photo gallery from an event or congratulatory messages for students/staff/faculty winning an award are best for Facebook. If you have questions about starting or maintaining a Facebook account, email the communications team.


UGS blogs use the "UT Responsive" Wordpress theme. During the fall and spring semesters, blogs should be updated weekly with new posts. If your office would like to create a new blog, email the communications team. We will request the blog URL and create a photo banner consistent with other UGS blogs. 

Current UGS blogs:


UGS has several newsletters that are sent to various audiences via email. These include:

  • Compass Points (monthly, sent to alumni and donors)
  • Dean's Update (2-3 times each semester, sent to all UGS students)
  • BDP newsletter (1-2 times each semester, sent to BDP alumni and current BDP students)
  • OUR newsletter (1-2 times each semester, sent to students interested in research)

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