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As of May 20, 2013, all business-related air travel must be arranged through Anthony Travel or Corporate Travel Planners. For more information, visit the Travel Management website.

All rental cars must be reserved through one of the five UT Austin-contracted vendors: Avis/Budget, Enterprise/National, or Hertz. Please use the Rental Car Direct Billing Request to prevent out-of-pocket costs.

Please include the Business Affairs Office in your travel planning, in advance, for maximum savings and efficiency. Reimbursements take up to 3 weeks between the time you give us your complete travel documents and the day you receive a payment. You can only be reimbursed for your own expenditures. 

The rules and regulations covering travel reimbursement come from several sources. The University of Texas is governed by the State of Texas Travel Regulations Act, the General Appropriations ActRules and Regulations of the University of Texas System Board of Regents, and official interpretations of the Travel Act as made by the State Comptroller of Public Accounts. The most relevant rules have been condensed into this part of the Handbook of Business Procedures for quick reference. When the rules for local accounts differ from state accounts, the difference is noted. 

Note: Deans, vice presidents, or unit business officers may have additional requirements for travel expenditures.

Travel reimbursements are processed by Travel Services.

Initiate Your Travel

  • Request an RTA. Use the request page and create a "Travel Authorization Request"
  • Signature approval must be uploaded onto the request page
  • Once completed, assign the request to Teddie Owen (tlo335).
  • After these items are received and processed, a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) number will be issued to reference your trip
  • You will receive an automatic confirmation email informing you of your RTA number. With this information, you can book your flight through Concur/Anthony Travel 

D.C. and International

Additional approval is required for foreign and Washington, D.C., travel. Please see the Travel Policy to Restricted Regions for international travel information.

Before you travel

  • Reimbursement limits for meals and lodging vary according to your destination. Please ask the Business Affairs office for your specific spending limits before you leave. Learn about per diem limits. The UGS Business Affairs Office obtains its information from the Handbook of Business Procedures. The Travel Services page may also be helpful.
  • If you're attending a conference, after you received your RTA confirmation, you can use the Pro-card to pay for registration (with your supervisor's approval)
  • If cash advance is required, please contact the UGS Business Office for guidance at least 30 days prior to your travel.

Cash Advance for Travel

UT Austin employees may be eligible for a cash advance for travel if any of the following are true:

  • The destination is an isolated area or region with limited access to suppliers or services that accept credit cards
  • Travel is for an extended period of time
  • It would be a financial hardship for the employee to pay the travel expenses out of pocket

Requests for a cash advance should be submitted to the UGS Business Affairs office at least 30 days prior to the date the funds are needed. If the request is approved, the employee will sign a promissory note upon receipt of the funds accepting the travel cash advance terms, which include providing the following documentation upon completion of travel:

  • A complete reconciliation of the used funds
  • Required receipts for all expenses incurred, according to travel rules
  • Repayment of unused funds upon the completion of the trip

The UGS Business Affairs office will assist the UT Austin employee in completing the tasks outlined above the first day the employee returns to the office. The employee should expect to spend an hour with the UGS Business Affairs office to complete these tasks.

While Traveling

When you travel, please save all receipts. If you are traveling on state funds, tips and gratuities are also non-reimbursable. Your reimbursement is contingent upon your receipts. They must be

  • Original
  • Itemized
  • Individual (for your own expenses, and not any other individuals)
  • Paid (every receipt must show that it has been paid)


Present the Hotel Tax Exemption form at check in to ensure you aren't charged tax. Also, make sure your hotel folio is paid out with a balance of zero to turn in with your reimbursements. 


Please organize your meal receipts by date, label each receipt as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and clip them together as a group. Alcohol is not a reimbursable expense. Learn about per diem limits

Upon Your Return

Upon your return, use your RTA number to create a "Travel Reimbursement Request" on the request page.

All receipts must be taped on an 8x11 piece of paper. Organize your receipts by date, and label each as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We do not reimburse for alcohol or tips.

Scan your receipts onto the Travel Reimbursement Request page, and send the originals to the UGS Business Office. The request should be assigned to Teddie Owen (tlo335).

The UGS Business Office will process the payment voucher, contact you for your signature, and submit the voucher and supporting documents (receipts) to the Office of Accounting for payment. There is generally a two- to three-week waiting period between the time the UGS Business Office submits the voucher and supporting documents, and when you receive a payment.

More information on UT's travel policy can be found in the Handbook of Business Procedures.

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