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UTBox Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTBox

UTBox is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business and academic purposes.

UTBox can be accessed via or from

How does it compare with other similar services

Here is a helpful resource that compares Box to DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Who can use UTBox

Current students, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin are allowed to use UTBox for business and academic purposes.

Do I have to pay for UTBox

UTBox users do not have to pay for the service.  The UTBox service is currently being paid for by a group of units on campus for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  Future funding methods for the service past this fiscal year are yet to be determined.

Is UTBox safe to use for Category I data

UTBox has been approved by the Information Security Office for use with Category I data.  Some other types of sensitive data may not be used on UTBox.  See the Approved Cloud Services Matrix for details on which Category I data is approved for use with UTBox.  Please consult the Information Security Office if you have questions.

How do I get an account for UTBox

Current UT students, faculty and staff can simply log in to the UTBox service with their EID.  Doing so will create an account if one does not exist.

Features of UTBox

How much space do I get with UTBox

By default, each user is allocated 150GB per account.  Faculty and staff may qualify for additional allocations. Requests for additional space may be submitted to your local IT Support Staff (or Technical Support Coordinators).

Can I obtain more space than the default 150GB quota for my personal account

Yes, departments are able to purchase additional bulk allocations (a minimum of 1 Terabyte is needed).  These bulk allocations can then be distributed to faculty and staff as the department desires.  Department IT support staff  should submit requests for additional allocations to  Department IT support staff should be prepared to provide a billing account number as well.

Can I share files on UTBox with other people

Yes, UTBox has many collaborative features that allow you to share files and folders with colleagues here on campus as well as outside of campus.  Please be sure to adhere to relevant University IT policies when sharing University data.  For instructions on how to share files in UTBox, please see the Collaboration Videos in the Box User Video Library.

How many versions of a file will UTBox retain

UTBox will retain up to 100 versions of a given file as long as the account has available storage quota.

What is the retention period for deleted items

Items that are stored in the Trash are automatically deleted after 30-days.

Is UTBox 508 compliant for those with special accessibility needs

Yes, a dedicated 508 compliant site is maintained by Box.  The Accessible Box Version is available at:


Managing Data

Can I migrate my DropBox data to UTBox

Yes, please see the following article.

Can I migrate my Google Apps data to UTBox

Yes, please see the following article.

Can I migrate my SharePoint data to UTBox

Yes, please see the following article.

Can I sync UTBox files to my computer

Yes, Box has desktop sync clients for many operating systems.  Please see the tutorials for these software for more information.

Can I access UTBox files from my mobile device

Yes, Box has mobile device applications for use with UTBox.  Please see the tutorials on the UTBox Wiki Pages for these software for more information.

Can UTBox be used for Green Output

ITS allows Green Output to be sent to Austin Disk.  UTBox will not be a destination for Green Output at this time.

What is the maximum single file size that can be uploaded

Currently UTBox supports a maximum file size of 10 GB via Web and/or FTP services.

Can I upload very large files via a faster mechanism

Yes, you can use Box's secure FTP service in combination with your preferred FTP client (e.g., FileZilla).  The maximum file upload size via the web interface is 10GB, but the FTP service will be useful to realize faster upload speeds. 

Note that FTP access might not be ideal for normal day-to-day access to Box, but can be useful when moving many thousands of files from an archive to Box or when a faster upload than provided by BoxSync is needed.

Create an External Password

To access Box by FTP, EID authentication is not available - you must create an external password at Box.
Log into your enterprise Box account from your laptop or desktop, and click the gear icon on the upper right. From the drop-down menu, click Account Settings.
Near the bottom, you'll see an option to Create External Password. Enter a secure, standard user password such that the strength bar registers "Strong". The new password must be at least 8 characters long and mix uppercase and lowercase. It must also have at least 2 number(s) and 1 symbol(s).

Configure Filezilla

To configure Filezilla, go to the Site Manager (File > Site Manager) and click "new site"

  1. Type "UT Box" to name this new site entry on the left My Sites pane.
  2. Set the following settings under the General tab on the right pane:
    • Host:
    • Port: 990
    • Protocol: FTP
    • Encryption: Require implicit FTP over TLS
    • Logon Type: Normal
    • User: (replace yourEID with your actual UT EID)
    • Password: your Box External Password (this is different than your UT EID password)
  3. Click Connect.

Is there an option if I want to upload a very large volume of data to UTBox

Larger migrations can be handled through a third party migration service (like SkySync) or with Box's consulting team's migration services.  Here's an overview of that service:

Is a WebDAV option available with UTBox

Yes, WebDAV is available via using your cloudID and your external password?

Account Management

Can I obtain a departmental UTBox account to share with my team

Yes, departmental IT support staff or Technical Support Coordinators (TSCs) will first need to ensure a guest EID is created and dedicated for this function.  The guest EID will need to have an group e-mail address (not a single end-user) associated with it -- a UTlists address might be ideal.  Next, the departmental IT support staff or TSC will contact the Information Security Office to ask that the guest EID be assigned a UTBox entitlement.  They will also need to indicate the quota that will be assigned to the account along with a billing account number.  The minimum account quota for such accounts is 1 Terabyte and the cost for UTBox storage is $0.50/Gigabyte/year (1 Terabyte = $500/year).  

Some departments have opted to purchase additional storage allocations that can be divided amongst several departmental Box accounts (e.g., various team or research accounts). 
Alternatively, some departments have opted to apply portions of their additional storage allocations to individual user accounts (faculty or staff).

How do I get support for UTBox

There are multiple areas for support of UTBox.  For instructions on how to use UTBox, please see the Box User Resources web page.  For assistance with issues with the UTBox service, please use the Box Support Pages.  For assistance with account or problems logging in, please contact the Information Security Office.

Where can I get tutorials to learn how to use UTBox

For instructions on how to use UTBox, please see the Box User Resources web page.

You can also watch several on-demand short videos, which will highlight a variety of ways you can leverage UTBox.

What is a CloudID

Please see the CloudID FAQ.

What happens to my Box account when I leave the university

When an active student, staff, or faculty member leaves the university their access to UT Box, along with a number of other services, will be restricted.  All content stored by that individual will be escrowed for 120-days.  Any content that has been shared with others will still be available for 120-days. Co-owners and collaborators of files are encouraged to make a local copy before the end of the 120-day period.  If the individual does not return as an active student, staff, or faculty member before the end of 120-day period the associated content will be destroyed.

What are Box Apps and how do I use them

Box Apps are applications that allow you to use your UTBox account in different ways.  Some apps are made by Box while others are made by third partie