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2012 Reports








Talent Management



  1. Publish a list of existing training opportunities
  2. Establish an online knowledge database
  3. Add a Professional Development category at the Library
  4. Create a Professional Development portal
  5. Run a training survey

The CareerSmart portal covers most of these, offering a list of training opportunities and additional resources across UT.

The committee's training questions were included on the Employee Engagement Survey.

Workplace Environment

Proposal to 1) hold custodial services informational forum

2) Improve communications regarding custodial issues

3) Staff participation in new work order system


1) Custodial services held a forum in 2012.  It has been determined that no further forums are needed.

2) Building managers have been assigned in most buildings on campus and these managers facilitate communication.

3) Staff participated in testing new work order system and system is now in place. 




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