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IMPORTANT:  There is a difference between the Caller ID displayed by your phone line when you make a call and the name that you may opt to display in your fellow UTVM subscribers' inboxes: 
  • The Caller ID name that displays when you make a call is programmed in the telephone switch, and is not related to voice mail.
  • The name associated with your voice mailbox (if you choose to add it) is displayed only in fellow UTVM subscribers' inboxes (and email subject lines if they use auto-forwarding to email) for whom you leave messages from your UT phone.  Your name is left blank by default.

If you choose to add your name to your UTVM account, please be aware that in the web view, the Sender column in other UTVM subscribers’ inboxes will display your name instead of your number.  UTVM cannot currently display both name and number.*  (Emails generated by auto-forward always display your number in the subject line, and will include your name if you add it.)

To add your name for display in fellow subscribers’ inboxes:

  1. Log into UTVM by web browser (to open in new tab or window, right-click:
  2. Click Settings in the gray area.
  3. Click Preferences in the white area. 
  4. Fill in the name fields at the top of the page.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


*ITS has filed a Feature Development Request with the vendor to display both name and number in the web view.  This update should be included in a future software release.


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