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Caveat re: Off-campus Numbers:

Currently works only when the FMFM target is a campus number.  When target is off-campus, calls ring through but you cannot press 1 to accept them.  A trouble ticket has been opened with the vendor.

Find Me, Follow Me Options

  • You can set up UTVM to try dialing you at up to four phone numbers if you do not answer calls to your main number. For example, you can have the system dial your cell phone number and then a pager if someone calls and you do not answer.
  • You can specify whether the system dials the specified numbers simultaneously or in the order you list them.
  • You can indicate whether you want UTVM to play the recorded name of the caller who is trying to reach you.
  • If you do not answer the call, UTVM transfers the caller to your voice mailbox.

To set options for Find Me Follow Me:

  1. Log into UTVM web access.
  2. Select Settings on the navigation bar.
  3. On the Settings page, select Preferences.
  4. In the FMFM Number List field, enter a list of up to four phone numbers (separated by a semi-colon) that you want the system to dial when you receive an incoming phone call.  Off-campus numbers must be 10 digits (no additional prefix necessary).  Campus numbers may be either 5 or 10 digits.
  5. In the Outdial Calling Order field, select Simultaneous or Sequential from the drop-down list. If you select Simultaneous, the system dials all of the numbers in the FMFM Number List field at the same time. If you select Sequential, the system dials the numbers in the order they appear in the FMFM Number List field.
  6. Select the FMFM Plays Caller Name check box if you want the system to prompt the caller to record their name so you can identify the caller when you answer their call. Clear the check box if you do not want to hear the caller’s recorded name.
  7. Select the Prompt for Voicemail check box if you want the system to give the caller options to go to your voicemail or to locate you. Clear the check box if you want the system to automatically forward the caller through your list of numbers.
  8. Select the Enable FMFM check box to turn on the Find Me Follow Me feature. This sends the caller directly to the numbers specified in the FMFM Number List field instead of asking if they want to leave a voicemail message first. Clear the check box if you want the caller to press a key to initiate the Find Me Follow Me feature.
  9. Click Save.

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