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NOTE:  The first time you log into your UTVM box, you will be required to change the PIN. 

If you know the PIN but want to change it: 

By telephone: 

  • Log in with current PIN. 
  • Press 9, User Options.
  • Press 2, Modify PIN.
  • Enter new PIN (minimum of 4 digits) and press #.
  • Confirm new PIN and press #.

Your PIN change will be acknowledged and you will return to the User Options submenu.  To exit to the main menu, press *. 

By web:

  • Log in with current PIN. 
  • Select Settings. 
  • Select Change PIN. 
  • Enter current PIN for authentication. 
  • Enter and re-enter new PIN (minimum of 4 digits). 
  • Select Save. 

Your PIN change will be acknowledged.

If you do not know the PIN and need to request a reset: 

IMPORTANT:  If you are requesting a PIN reset as, or for, a new employee taking over an existing UTVM box, please see the options available in the "Reassigning UTVM Service" section of the Service Requests page.

Email your request to the UTVM Administrator at  Please include: 

  • Mailbox number(s) 
  • Name(s) of mailbox owner(s) 
  • Your contact information (if different from mailbox owner)

You'll receive confirmation and instructions by email.

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