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Advanced Tables - Table Plus

Refer to owner's manual for complete operational instructions.

SawStop_PCS Owners Manual Model PCS31230 V5.0 09-13.pdf 

Power on Saw System

Ensure Start/Stop paddle is "OFF" (pushed in)

Turn Main Power Switch "ON"

- system will self-check (5-10 sec.)

LED displays "READY" (Green On, Red Off)


Adjusting Blade Height

For through cuts, the blade height should be no more than 1/8-inch - 1/2-inch above the workpiece

Loosen the elevation lockknob

Turn the elevation handwheel until theblade is at the desired height

Turn the handwheel clockwise to raise the blade, and counter-clockwise to lower the blade.

Lock the blade height by turning the elevation lock knob clockwise until tight.

Adjusting the Blade Tilt

The tilt (bevel) angle of the blade can be adjustedbetween 0° and 45°

Loosen the tilt lock knob

Turn the tilt handwheel until the blade is at the desired angle.

Turn the tilt handwheel counter-clockwise to increase the tilt angle, andclockwise to decrease the tilt angle.

Lock the tilt angle by turning the tilt lock knob clockwise until tight.

Start Motor

Pull Start/Stop paddle out

Stop Motor

Push Start/Stop paddle in

System Status Codes



Cutting Green Wood



Frequently Asked Questions