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Voice mail messages are set to expire after 30 days at the time they are first played.  This applies whether they have been deleted (moved to the Trash folder) or not.  If you frequently forward messages to other subscribers, copies are left in your Sent folder; these apply as well.  Unplayed messages expire after 180 days. 


Note for subscribers who forward their voice messages to email:  Depending on the volume of messages you receive, your combined Inbox, Sent and Trash folders could eventually reach full capacity (disk quota is about 200 minutes of messages) and stop taking messages.  To prevent that, log into UTVM periodically (perhaps monthly or weekly depending on your usage) and delete messages from both the Inbox, Sent and Trash folders.  See below:

Known Issue:


  • TIP:  Click the Select button at lower left to select all the messages on a page.  You can then click the trashcan Trashcan icon to delete the selected messages.  If there are more messages, you can delete them one page at a time until they're all moved or deleted.
  • When you log in, the default destination is your Inbox.  Clear messages here first to move them to theTrash.  If you frequently forward messages to other subscribers, Next go the the Sent folder next to clear those copies of your forwarded message messages and move them to the Trash.
  • Next, click on the Trash tab, then repeat deleting all messages a page at a time to completely remove them and free up your disk space.