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The following models and specs are strongly suggested. These computers are affordable and capable with a proven track record of providing years of reliable service. 


Recommended Apple MacBook Pro 15"

Pros: Portable and powerful
Cons: Heavy and large 
Use Case: looking for a portable, high powered workstation with array of onboard ports. 

Product Number : MJLQ2LL/A

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Recommended Apple MacBook Air 13"

Pros: Light and portable
Cons: underpowered and less onboard ports
Use Case: Secondary machine, user likely has an iMac in their office but needs something for travel. 

Product Number : MQD42LL/A

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Recommended Apple 27" iMac (requires upgrade to Hard Drive)

Pros: Fast and powerful workstation with large monitor
Cons: Non-portable 
Use Case: User is stationary and does not need a portable, high powered computer. 

Product Number : MNE92LL/A

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Add 27" iMac to the cart by product number, select configure. 

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Under Storage select 256GB Flash Storage for our Standard Recommendation. If more than 256GB of storage is needed, you must select 512GB or 1TB of Flash Storage. By defalt, Apple provides a wireless Mouse and Keyboard. You can change the selection to Wired Keyboard and mouse further down the page. In order to get the Wired mouse option, you must first select Wired Keyboard. Mouse and Keyboard options will not effect the price. 

 After making the change(s), select Update to proceed. 

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Recommended Budget Model


Recommended 21.5" iMac
(Requires configuration to 256GB Flash Storage - see instructions above) 


Recommended Performance Model

Mac Pro 

Product Number MMQA2LL/A
Price after configuration: $1,229.00 

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Recommended Mac Pro

Requires the following configuration upgrades:
Memory - 32GB 
Storage - 512GB SSD
Mac Pro does not come with a monitor or Mouse & Keyboard

 Product Number : MD878LL/A

Price after configuration: $3,339.00

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Recommended Ultra Portable




MacBook Air 13"
Product Number : MQD42LL/A

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MacBook Pro 13"


Requires the following configuration upgrades:
Memory - 16GB

Product Number Space Gray: MPXV2LL/A
Product Number Silver: MPXX2LL/A 
Price after configuration: $1,879 

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Recommended Tablet/2-in-1 Models

iPad Pro 12.9"
Product Number Space Gray: MPKY2LL/A
Product Number Silver: MPA52LL/A 

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iPad Mini 
Product Number Space Gray: MK9N2LL/A
Product Number Silver: MK9P2LL/A

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