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The Department Conference Room has a ceiling mounted projector, an AV control console, conference computer, web conference camera with three table top microphones, and a conference phone

NOTE: The room web conference camera and microphones are connected to the room computer

  • Use the AV console to turn on the projector and lower the screen. Tap the console screen to wake it up.
  • If encountering issues with the AV see the troubleshooting section below

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  • There is wireless keyboard and mouse connected to the room computer
  • Use the USB hub on the AV cabinet to connect USB devices to the room computer

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  • Select Display HDMI to use a laptop. Connect the HDMI cable to the laptop. If necessary use one of the items on the HDMI adapter ring.

  • Select Camera on the AV console to use the room web camera and microphones

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  • Use the camera menu to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) web camera
  • ← back arrow button returns to home menu

  • In the video conferencing software, select TesiraFORTE as the input and output devices
  • The microphones are stored in the table pockets

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  • Select End to turn off the projector and raise screen

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Troubleshooting Issues

  • Computer is asleep
  • Wireless keyboard or mouse not working
  • No sound or microphones not working
  • HDMI connection not working

Computer is asleep

  • If the console flashes the message to wake up installed computer, check if computer is turned on

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  • The computer is accessible from the front of the AV cabinet. The power button is on the left.

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  • If the power button is on and computer is not displaying, press the power button for 10 seconds until the computer turns off. Wait a couple of seconds then press button to turn computer back on

Wireless keyboard or mouse not working


HDMI connection not working

  • Check that power adapter under table is plugged in

    Use a paper clip to press the hardware reset (HW-R) button on the video controller located in the AV cabinet.

    titleVideo Controller Image

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