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Darlene Bosking,  Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Manager   512-495-5117 HLB 2.501
Contact Darlene about meeting with Dr. Nelson, long-term scheduling or curriculum questions, and questions related to the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC).  

MS3 Coordinator (vacant),  Senior Academic Program Coordinator
EMAIL TBD  512-495-5118  HLB 2.502.02
Contact ..... about Year 3 (dual degrees, distinctions),  MS3 Intersessions, and the Leadership Course (Year 3).

Shannon Haslinger,  Senior Academic Program Coordinator   512-232-6430  HLB 2.326.03
Contact Shannon about DOCS and Year 4 ILIAD.

Stephanie Hinojosa-Galvan,  Senior Academic Program Coordinator  512-495-2671  HLB 2.502.01
Contact Stephanie about IPE, MS2 Intersessions, and the Leadership Course (Year 1 & 2).

Diolanda LovingsMedical Education Associate   512-495-XXXX  HLB 2.328.02
Contact Diolanda about Year 1 Essentials courses and Curriculum Operations

Gabriela (Gabie) PortilloSenior Academic Program Coordinator   512-495-5166 HLB 2.502.03
Contact Gabie about Year 2 (Clerkships), submission of new electives (enrichment or clinical), and the NBME.

Amy YankoviakSenior Academic Program Coordinator   512-495-5165  HLB 2.502.04
Contact Amy about Year 1 Essentials courses and PILLARS.


Student Affairs

Taylor Hutton,  Senior Academic Program Coordinator    512-495-3004; 3004  HLB 2.320.05
Contact Taylor about 4th year away electives and the Match.

Ernesto Lopez,  Admissions, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Coordinator   512-495-5043  HLB 2.315
Contact Ernesto about financial aid and scholarships. 

Jenny Viteo,  Senior Academic Program Coordinator   512-495-5674 HLB 2.312.02
Contact Jenny about compliance, credentialing, scheduling, registration, transcripts, AHP, drop/adds, and electives (enrichment or clinical). 

Joel Daboub,  Director of Admissions  512-495-5084 HLB 2.317
Contact Joel about admissions, grades, and student records.

Cherry Gonzales,  Admissions Associate  512-495-5598 HLB 2.312.01
Contact Cherry about admissions, student admissions interviews, and onboarding.

Gabriela (Gaby) Loredo,  Admissions and JAMP Medical School Coordinator  512-495-5076 HLB 2.320.03
Contact Gaby about admissions, student admissions interviews, and JAMP.

Curriculum Support Team Roles

YearCourse(s)Course SupportContact Information
MS1(C2P) Cells to Population
(MOD) Mechanisms of Disease [1st Half]
(S&F) Structure & Function
Amy YankoviakHLB 2.502.04 512-495-5165
MS1PILLARS, Chief Exam ProctorAmy YankoviakHLB 2.502.04 512-495-5165
MS1(FOD) Foundations of Disease
(MOD) Mechanisms of Disease [2nd Half]
(MNS) Medical Neuroscience
Diolanda LovingsHLB 2.328
MS2Clerkships New Electives (Enrichment or Clinical)

NBME Exams
Gabie PortilloHLB 2.502.03 512-495-5166
MS2IntersessionsStephanie Hinojosa-GalvanHLB 2.502.01 512-495-2571
MS3Intersessions, Dual-Degree Programs, Distinctions

Darlene Bosking

(transition liaison)

HLB 2.501 512-495-5117

LongitudinalLeadership Course (Year 1 & 2)Stephanie Hinojosa-GalvanHLB 2.502.01 512-495-2571
LongitudinalLeadership Course (Year 3 & 4)

Darlene Bosking

(transition liaison)

HLB 2.501  512-495-5117

LongitudinalInterprofessional Education
Leadership Course (IPE)
Stephanie Hinojosa-GalvanHLB 2.502.01 512-495-2571
LongitudinalDeveloping Outstanding Clinical Skills (DOCS)Shannon HaslingerHLB 2.326.03 512-232-6430