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Media can be played back from the Hyperdecks (HD1 and HD2). The file format for the media loaded onto the SD card must be ProRes LT 29.97 upper filed first

Click on Media Players on the left side of the switcher window

then click on Hyperdecks.

You will see HD1 and HD2 and if there is a SD card with media

loaded you will see 

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Live YouTube Streaming from ATEM Mini Extreme ISO


Streaming directly from the switcher will be a quick and easy way to begin streaming for a last minute request. 

The ATEM Mini is set to live stream a generic live stream to the Moody YouTube homepage.

 The Platform, Server, and Stream Key have all been set up. 

To start streaming press the ON AIR button. 


The streaming from the ATEM Mini is ALWAYS a PUBLIC steam.  There is no way to set a 

stream to be Unlisted or Private from the switcher.  If ON AIR is pressed the stream is 

started and is PUBLIC.  

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To end the stream press the OFF button.   

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