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This is the home of the Bioinformatics Team (BioITeam) at the University of Texas at Austin.

The BioITeam (bio - i - team, short for bioinformatics team) is a consortium of bio-computing scientists at the University of Texas comprised of scientists from TACCGSAF/CBRSCCBB, and CSSB.

Latest News

Make sure you have the BioITeam's environment sourced in your Stampede and Lonestar profiles

Here are some simple instructions to give you access to even more Bio-related resources at TACC.


The split_blast wrapper is now available to make running BLAST queries in parallel easy on Lonestar. You can specify how you want to split your input data, and the wrapper script takes care of the rest: splitting the data, BLASTing it in parallel, and then reassembling the outputs. Run your BLAST query 10 times (roughly!) faster by splitting your input across 10 nodes!

Use on Stampede

The venerable has been updated to automatically detect whether it's being executed on Lonestar or Stampede, and will generate either an SGE or SLURM launcher as appropriate. The same commands that worked on Lonestar should now work on Stampede. has also been updated with some new options.

Mission of the BioITeam:

Provide "one-stop" unified support for bioinformatics:

  • support biological computation at TACC

  • provide software tools

    educational resources

    , pipelines and

    implementation support



  • serve as a clearing house for educational resources

We are a group of users interested in pooling our efforts with others to reduce the time we spend spent implementing new software and databases and on training ourselves and others we work with. We are predominently, but not exclusively, focused on tools for next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis.

Our general model is that TACC serve as the reference implementation for stable software releases so most of the "power computing" can be done at TACC, but in addition acknowledge that most of us use resources in addition to TACC, and often need tools, databases, or other resources not globally supported at TACC.Due to the number of tools available and the pace of change, we have formed a community to help keep up with documentation, testing, implementation, and education. You are encouraged to become a contributor - just contact one of the BioITeam core members: Scott Hunicke-Smith (UT GSAF), Matt Vaughn (TACC), Dhivya Arasappan (UT GSAF), or Anna Battenhouse (UT - Iyer lab).

Resources available here:

  1. How to join the BioITeam
  2. Relevant classes offered at UT System Schools
  3. SSC Intro to NGS Bioinformatics Course
  4. Wish list
  5. Documentation of software (DRAFT) at TACC, CCBB, and GSAF systems
  6. Documentation of reference genomes, databases, indexes, etc
  7. BioITeam meeting minutes
  8. Self Service Pipelines and Scripts
  9. BME 383J Course Content
  10. Results of surveys...
  11. Other helpful resources
  12. Appsoma-based pipeline development

Bioinformatic Jobs at UT

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